About Makeshift Mama

mmWelcome to Makeshift Mama!

This blog is primarily written by me, Melanie. I’m a full-time Marketing Director, new wife and an even newer mama.

Through my life thus far I’ve lived by the “we’ll make it work” mantra, so when we decided to try for our first child that was my mindset. I, like many, assumed parenthood would just “come naturally” and what didn’t, we’d figure out along the way. Well, after just a couple months in I can easily say we’re doing more “figuring it out” than I ever anticipated.

I am the epitome of a makeshift mama. I have little to no idea what I’m doing and this blog will highlight the up’s, downs and unbelievably entertaining experiences that come along as I “figure it out”.

Parenthood isn’t picture perfect, but together, with help from friends, family and friendly strangers, we’ll make it.

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