Take a Minute, or Two, to Breathe

I’m not sure how it happened, but today I woke up with a 7 ½ month old. It’s funny you know, after 9 (or in reality 10) long, antagonizing months of waiting and wishing the days away we were gifted with this unbelievably amazing human. After months of growing your baby and wondering what they will look like, how they will act, whose smile they’ll have -they’re here and suddenly we are begging for time to slow down.

I always assumed the first year would go the slowest. For as long as I can remember my parents have been telling me that each year goes quicker than the last, I sure hope that isn’t true because this year seems to be stuck on fast forward. Those “baby days” that I had hoped to revel in forever flew by so quickly I practically got whiplash watching them go. Now, I’m working on crawling and starting the planning process for a first birthday. It is all just so surreal.

It seems ironic now, after months of wishing the days away, that I have to remind myself to slow down, in this world that is moving so quickly around me and breathe. Sit back, watch my little miss make a mess on the floor and worry about the cleanup later. The laundry can wait. The vacuuming can wait. Packing away old clothes can wait. It can all wait.

I’m willing to bet many mom’s, like myself, regularly run through their evening to-do lists as they tuck their little ones into bed. “How much can I accomplish in the next three hours” is a game I am constantly playing. But even on picture perfect nights, where my princess is in bed on time and the housework is virtually nonexistent I have to remind myself that it is “ok” to take some “me” time.

Hell, it’s not just ok, it’s mandatory.

So instead of tackling one of the many projects I have stored in my mental checklist for nights just like this, I’ve poured myself a glass of wine, turned on a sappy movie and let my thoughts flow through my fingertips. Because even if these words are never read, the act of sharing them sets my mind free and if the last 7 1/2 months have taught me nothing else, I’ve learned how important it is to bask in the peaceful moments.

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