image “Mangia che ti passa”

“‘Mangia che ti passa’ – Eat and it will be over, you’ll feel better”

This Italian saying explains the very purpose of food. For all of you who don’t quite understand the power food possesses, please let me explain. Food’s sole purpose is to fulfill us, through the basic aspects of nourishment to the complexities of feeding the soul. It’s said to really enjoy life, one must take big bites. Now, I am against gluttony, obesity and unhealthy habits as much as anyone else who values their quality of life, however I opt for letting food serve it’s purpose. Too many people are fearful of food when they should be embracing it.

Stressed, depressed, over-worked or overwhelmed? I’ve found that food is the foolproof solution, and no I’m not talking about stuffing your face, I’m talking about cooking therapy.

From baking to composing a delicious pot luck meal to getting lost in a cultural cookbook, food is our always dependable escape goat. I will be using this blog to feature recipies from all aspects of life, to explore not only new foods but the stories behind those foods- it’s going to be a real page turner. Most foods will also be highlighting the reality that great tasting dishes can be great for you. That’s not to say however that I will ruin the perfection of previously established recipes (particularly baked goods) by trying to “healthify” them, because sometimes there’s no reason to mess with a good thing.

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