Seeing Through the Rain-Stained Glass

Looking out the windows this morning I was pulled into my own little world. That place you sometimes go and get lost in your thoughts – the place that’s hard to pull yourself out of because the possibilities of what you may discover are too intriguing for you to abandon.

The sky is cloud covered and full of promise. Promise that the day will bring with it change, the promise that no matter how hard we try, we are not fully in control of where the day will lead. With fall trying to make an appearance and summer unwilling to let go, we are graced with unpredictable days – in more ways than just the weather.

It’s often times such as these, when I’m staring through rain-stained glass at a world that is distorted and hard to make out, that many things become clear. When I was younger I used to hear people say that the smallest things will bring your life into focus. For me, it was today. There’s nothing particularly special about today – no life altering events happening or activities that will go down in the history books. It’s been nothing more than a rainy Friday in the beginning of fall. However I found myself treasuring every moment. I woke up in a bed, in a home I own with someone I love. For those reasons alone I find myself ultimately blissful. Today’s been about slowing down. Taking an outside look at the moments I usually blow right past – actually seeing what surrounds me. So maybe today will be a day that I’ll remember, but there will be no noteworthy reason for those memories, other than being simplistically and optimistically happy, and I think that just may be reason enough.

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