New Things….

I would like to apologize for my absence, it has been over a month since I have last touched base and yet it seems like days. So much has happened in my life in the last few months. I have most recently started a new job at a software company, in their marketing department, I have great hopes of beginning a new journey in the near future with an advertising/marketing firm here in the city, and I have began working with an amazing non-profit organization Stand Up For Kids. It was just a short while ago that I felt as if I were being stretched to my limits, chasing every opportunity yet ending up no where. Now, I feel as if I barely have a spare minute to catch my breath but as my mom says “it’s feast or famine out there so take it while it’s coming at you”. I am so appreciative of all the current opportunities I have been given and I am anxious to see what will come next.

On a slightly different note my little brother, or whom I like to call my little “big” brother- since he is way taller than me- is turning the big 2-1 (21) this week! I am but only 18 months older than them but I have always felt as if I am years older. It is crazy to think that we are all growing and changing so quickly, yet it is inevitable. We can’t stop time anymore than we can predict the future, yet many times we catch ourselves trying to do both. I think that the unpredictability is part of what makes it all so fun!

People say that you will leave college with more questions than when you went into it, to all those people I tip my hat to you because you pegged me again. In this year since I’ve graduated college I have found myself to have more questions about life than I thought I could ever possibly have. I feel better educated, however now I want to take many different directions but all simultaneously. I figured I would go to college, choose a major, study that major, get a job in that field, and live my life that way forever. WRONG. I want to do so many things it makes my head spin. It may just be my personality, but I am never going to be content just doing one thing forever. I may choose to do one thing forever but I will additionally have many other little projects happening too! Hey, why not? You only live once.

So I think I will end this post on that note, we only live once so make sure it’s the life you want to live.

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