Enjoying the Simplicity

My world is currently snow-covered, quiet, and calm. This is an unusual happening. I grew up in a place that with winter-time came the expectation of solitude and where time seemed to stand still. This is what I have grown to be accustomed to during this season and it is expected. Moving to a larger city I have already been exposed to a different environment, a different culture. If I can count on one thing it is the expectation of constant movement and noise. This is the very thing that seems to have me thrown. I look outside and see nothing. I see stillness, quiet streets, I hear no noise. This has me confused and delighted simultaneously. I welcome this familiar atmosphere here at my new home, however I doubt it will last.

This city is fast-paced, not New York City fast-paced, but faster than what I am used to that is for certain. It is not abnormal for me to walk to my car at one thirty in the morning after getting off work and pass by hundreds of people out and about. That is a regular happening for me, tonight that has changed. So I welcome tonight with open arms and embrace the simplicity of it all; of life. I am enjoying and will continue to enjoy the simple, content, peacefulness of now. As we all know, we, as individuals and a society alike, always want more. The contentment that we sometimes feel will not last forever. I am enjoying this simplicity because I believe that it is in the small times of contentment and pure happiness, in between the wanting, that we display the happiest versions of our own selves.

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