Taking charge

As most of us know the world can be a cruel place, a place where answers are hard to come across and honest people are few and in between. I don’t feel that “evil” is too strong of a word when I discuss the mean people in the world that only care about moving up the corporate ladder, no matter whom they crush in the process. Those being crushed are normally young professionals, such as myself, who are just looking for a start and therefore are often too trusting and hopeful. This is the world that we live in and the place where I am trying to become a success. It is in this cruel place that I find myself, and thousands of people like me, trying to “break into the world”. We are searching for that one opportunity that will make all of our trials worth it. I am in search for that moment where I just know the purpose of it all, that moment that makes school, internships, and all of the irrelevant jobs meaningful. There are certain things I know to do, apply for jobs, send out resumes, volunteer, and just bide my time. But what else is there to do? What am I missing? I am not upset that I don’t know the answers to these questions because I know there are so many people that feel the same way. I would like to invite the world to express their opinions on this topic, express your feelings and experiences. I look forward to learning from others who have moved beyond this point in their life and any advice they may have to give. Lets continue to take charge and do what we can to move forward in this uncertain world, because in the end, what other option is there?


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